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California Insurance Rates & Quotes

Insurance rates in California are on the rise as we approach the 2nd quarter of 2010. Insurance Raters provides helpful rating information on CA premiums, expenditures, and coverages on a national and state-wide scale. You can compare rates and premiums per state and companies with Try our free service today and get rates from a number of different companies that offer competitive insurance rates in California.

Did you know that the average California auto insurance premium is $843? The average auto insurance premium in the country is $1,844 in January of 2010 according to's Rate Watch report. This makes California rank number 16 out of 50 states in the country for the highest auto insurance rates. If you want to find cheaper and more affordable car insurance in CA, then you need to compare company ratings and premiums online; and all in one place. Many other rates for home and even health insurance coverage is also on the rise in California and you can shop and compare companies by starting your comparative rater analysis today. Just enter your California zip code above to start your quote.

Auto insurance rates increased nationally in January, rising by $23. The lowest average annual car insurance quotes rose from $1,821 per year to $1,844 annually. This marks another month of increases, with January's increase beating December's. January's rate jump now replaces December's as the largest month-to-month increase RateWatch has seen since October 2008.
Source: US Auto Insurance Rates

Local CA Insurance Rates & Coverage

Finding local insurance agents, rates, and coverages is difficult which is why we provide companies for you that offer affordable insurance rates in California. So to help make life simplier, we have been able to provide some local companies that offer rates and quotes in your area like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and many others.

Average California Auto Insurance Rates

Insurance rates in California are fluctuating per month as you can see on may insurance company raters today like's Rate Watch. Finding the right time to buy insurance along with a great company that offers outstanding insurance coverage is difficult these days and rates are not getting any cheaper. Rates in California may drop by a few points of a percent, but often times CA insurance premiums are on a steady incline according to the (Insurance Information Institute) and the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners). Here is the latest coverage amounts in terms of liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage for California automobile insurance.

  • Liability: $483
  • Collision: $376
  • Comprehensive: $118

California Insurance Rates Increases due to Crime Rates

Why are California insurance rates on the rise you ask? Insurance rates are steadly increasing for a number of reasons but one of the main reasons for insurance rate increases happens to do with heavily populated areas in California. Overly populated areas have very high crime rates which cause an increase in auto, theft, and property damage to homes and automobiles. In California the following crime rates are as follows:

  • Violence Rate: 440.6
  • Murder: 4.9
  • Forcible Rape: 22.4
  • Robbery: 156.0
  • Aggravated Assault: 257.4

Many of the crime statistics listed above in California also effect health insurance rates and coverages. Insurance companies like Geico, AllState, Travelers, State Farm, and Farmers observe crime rates because it does have a direct correlation on a persons health, safety, and well-being. If you want keep your auto, home, and even health insurance coverage at an affordable rate, then make sure you live in a safe, well protected area. Outside local CA crime districts and neighborhoods will help with your premiums.

Source: Crime in the United States, annual, FBI.

Take advantage of online insurance rates today to help make your decision when it comes to finding more affordable auto, home, and health care coverage in California. The actual process of finding cheaper California rates is easier with the California Insurance Rater, just enter your zip code and compare rates and companies.